Open Days and Visiting

Our final Open Day for 2022 was on Friday 16 September, but you are still very welcome to come and visit at another time. College grounds are usually open to prospective applicants but you can also get in touch with the college linked to your region and let them know you are coming. You may also be able to attend an event listed in our outreach calendar whilst you're here. Subject departments are not open to visitors except on Open Days or for specific outreach events. 

Increasing access 

The University runs thousands of free access events and programmes every year. More information is on the increasing access page on the University website. 


If you are a UK state school student in your penultimate year of further education (Year 12 or equivalent), consider applying for UNIQ. This is a programme that will help you explore subjects that interest you (including PPE) and help you prepare for university. Find out more about UNIQ.

Events for international students

Oxford is an international university, and aims to support prospective applicants all over the world, both through events and online. More information is on the events page for international students on the University website.