Why Study PPE?

PPE began at Oxford in 1920, and was known as Modern Greats. It was born of the conviction that study of the great modern works of social, political and philosophical thought could have a transformative effect on students’ intellectual lives, and thereby on society at large. This conviction remains as firm today as it was then. As the world has evolved, so has PPE.

PPE students have the opportunity to study a curriculum with a balance of breadth and depth, and consciously kept at the cutting-edge. It encompasses specialist and technical training in economics, philosophy, and politics, together with in-depth study of increasingly diverse social and political ideas and history.

The degree requires and develops in students an ability to grasp, analyse, and evaluate essential information rapidly. This ability is honed within Oxford’s famous tutorial system, which offers students the opportunity to discuss their ideas with scholars of the highest calibre. Students explore and challenge new ideas and research in a degree pioneered at Oxford and catered to by its specialised structure of tutorials, classes, and lectures.

The Course

PPE is a highly flexible degree which allows you to shape your own path through it: you may choose to specialise in two branches at the end of the first year, or continue with all three. You can also explore a wide variety of disciplines under the overarching headings of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics - for example, you can specialise in Sociology or International Relations by choosing the relevant Politics options.

Libraries and Facilities

Oxford has outstanding library provision, with dedicated Social Science and Philosophy Libraries, as well as the world-renowned Bodleian. Each college also has a library, with sections covering PPE. For more information about Oxford's libraries and facilities, including the museums, IT support, and opportunities to learn languages, please see here.

Further Information

Course Structure

Student Life

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