PPE | Prospective Students

Why Study PPE at Oxford?

PPE at Oxford is a very flexible course which allows you to study all three branches, or to specialise in two of the branches after the first year. Although there is no reference to sociology in the title of the subject, you may specialise in sociology by choosing relevant options. International relations, though linked closely to politics, is also acknowledged as a separate specialisation.

All three branches of PPE at Oxford have an international reputation, supported by more than 200 teachers and scholars of the highest calibre; you will also be able to attend lectures given by the many distinguished visitors to Oxford each year. PPE is a most popular subject with students - more than 600 undergraduates at any time - from all corners of the globe. It offers excellent library facilities in the Bodleian Library, the Philosophy Library, and the Social Sciences Library; your college library will also have sections covering PPE.